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Welcome to the Phoenix Team at Park View Middle School!


Our team this year is off to a really great start, and we are all excited to be back in business (even if it is taking place under unique circumstances). We are:


Mrs. Spaziano (math) jspaziano@cpsed.net
Mrs. Mollo (special educator) dmollo@cpsed.net
Mrs. Short (ELA) sshort@cpsed.net
Mr. Buonfiglio (science) sbuonfiglio@cpsed.net
Mr. Thompson (social studies) jthompson@cpsed.net
Mrs. Larkin (social studies) llarkin@cpsed.net
Mrs. Bouchard (6th grade school counselor) pbouchard@cpsed.net


This letter is intended to let you know about some of our team policies. There is a short Google Slides presentation that is included in this email which covers the information we delivered on Opening Day.

During the Distant Learning phase of school, students have two critical responsibilities to be successful. One, students need to check-in to their Homeroom/Pathway classroom. This is done by submitting a form between 7:50 am and 8:05 am. This is to ensure that your child is marked present for the school day. Two, students are expected to attend all their classes. The classroom teacher is taking attendance for each class.


All the students have been sent invitations and have joined the Google Classroom for each class. Many parents have already accepted invitations to join the class as well. If you have not received an invitation, please reach out to the teacher. This is a great way to monitor what assignments will be due, and what materials were delivered during the school day.

While participating in the Distant Learning experience, students are expected to be engaged. This is best accomplished by having their camera turned on so that the teacher can actually see the student.


When we return to Park View for in-person learning, all the teachers will be streaming their in-person classes live to the students who have opted for Distance Learning. Mrs. Spaziano will remain teaching remotely, and she will be streaming live to all students much like it is being done now. There will be a teacher in the building classroom who will be monitoring the students during her live stream at Park View.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with your questions or concerns. We are looking forward to meeting you at Open House (date to be determined).

The Phoenix Team Teachers