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Dear Parents/Guardians of All-star Team Students,


Welcome to Park View and the All-star Team! We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year in 6th grade. Below you will find some helpful information about our team policies.

Students need to come to class on time and prepared to learn. This means they arrive with their homework, pencil/pen, binders, books, planners, and any other needed materials. We expect students to be respectful and to give their best effort. Repeated failure to meet expectations will result in a teacher detention with a 24 hour notice given to parents.



Mrs. Schuler

Team Leader

[email protected]


This year in Science, we will use a number of different online tools to engage with science content, the two primary ones are my Google Classroom page and Stemscopes.  Everything handed out in class can be found on my Classroom page that each student has joined.  Students will utilize a binder to organize all information received during class. As an alternative to a textbook, students frequently use Stemscopes as a way to read, view, and listen to science content.  There will be times when students may have electronic homework please let me know if this is a problem in any way.


Homework is expected on time any homework turned in late will be taken for half credit or 50%.  Any assignments that are missing due to absence the student has the equivalent time of the absence to make up the work.  Students who receive a 64% or lower on a quiz may retake the quiz and receive the average of the two grades.  Students who receive a 65% and above may retake their quiz by using 10 PBIS points and will also receive the average of the two grades.



Mrs. Farias 

[email protected] 


We will be using McGraw-Hill Reveal as our math program this year.  You will have a workbook as well as digital access to the material.  Students are expected to bring their planner, pencils, the workbook, a notebook, and a reading book to class each day.  I will utilize Google Classroom to post assignments, reminders, and other material.  


Homework is intended to be used as practice for what we are learning in class.  It is expected to be turned in on the due date by the start of class.  Homework turned in late will receive half credit.  If a student is absent on a due date, the assignment is expected the day the student returns.  Extended absences will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  


Quizzes will be given regularly.  Students who receive a 64% or less will be allowed to make corrections to their quiz and the final score will be an average of the two grades.  

English Language Arts

Mr. McWeeney

[email protected]

-Students are expected to bring a reading book and pencil to class everyday.  Students will utilize a one subject notebook to organize all information received during class.  Composition Notebook, one subject notebook and folder will be provided at a future date.


-Student notes/assignments are posted in Google Classroom weekly.  


-Students are expected to read their Independent book for homework every night for at least 20 minutes.  


In ELA, we will be wrapping up our Narrative unit, by learning how to write dialogue. We’ll then practice incorporating that skill, and sensory detail, into our narrative, which is worth a test grade. Then we will be starting Unit 2 of StudySync which involves comparing and contrasting, while reading many excerpts and short stories. We will also start the process of learning how to write a five paragraph essay. This includes learning how to write a thesis statement, an intro paragraph, how to properly include and cite a quote in a body paragraph. Students are still expected to read two books and complete two book reports before the end of the quarter.

-I always accept late work, but do not allow quiz/test redo’s as students should be getting two free 100’s on quizzes if they properly complete their book report.

Social Studies

Mrs. Morales

[email protected]


Throughout the school year students will learn using a variety of styles which incorporate the student choice blended learning model. Some assignments will be completed independently, others in small groups as well as whole class direct instruction. Our McGraw Hill Social StudiesTextbook is available in Clever. We will also be using the hardcover book in class.  All students will be required to take part in a minimum of two classroom projects and presentations. 


Students are expected to write homework, announcements or projects in their planners. Planners should go home nightly, along with materials necessary for completion, and brought to class daily. Any homework turned in late will be taken for half credit or 50%. It is the responsibility of the student to connect with me following a missed class.   Any assignments that are incomplete due to absence, may be made up within the equivalent number of absent days.  Students who receive a 64% or lower on a quiz/test may retake it for a higher score, not to exceed 70%.


As you may imagine, teaching the subject of American History, including current events, has been very difficult in recent years. There are many aspects and occurrences within our curriculum that are quite uncomfortable and challenging to approach. I will always do my best to keep student conversations respectful, on topic and inclusive of all members in my class and our community.      


Mrs. Murphy

[email protected]


I am the Special Education teacher that travels with the Yellow and Red class for English and Math. I provide support to the students assigned to me and also am able to help support the other students in the room. I am one of the Homeroom teachers in Room 113. I look forward to working with your students this year.