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All Stars

Welcome All-Star's! It's Quarter 2!!!


Please remember to come to class on time and prepared to learn. This means arriving with your homework, pencil/pen, binders, books, planners, and any other needed materials. We expect students to be respectful and to give their best effort.



Mrs. Schuler

Team Leader

[email protected]


In Science during the second quarter the students will finish studying waves and begin investigating the interactions between thermal energy and matter. Students will explain what happens to the particles of matter when they are warmed up or cooled down. Students will be engaging in an engineering and design project where they must develop a product to keep an ice cube from melting for at least an hour.  I am looking forward to seeing all the designs and creative ideas!  At the end of the second quarter students will start to explore weather and even try to predict it. 



Mrs. Farias 

[email protected] 


In Math during the second quarter the students will start module 3.  In this module we will compute multi-digit numbers and fractions.  We will be dividing multi digit numbers, computing with multi-digit decimals, dividing whole numbers by fractions, and dividing fractions by fractions.  Students will continue to strengthen their math skills using the Aleks online math program.  

English Language Arts

Mr. McWeeney

[email protected]

In ELA, we will be learning how to write dialogue, then finishing up our unit on narrative writing after Christmas. Then we will be starting Unit 2 of StudySync which involves comparing and contrasting, while reading many excerpts and short stories. We will also start the process of learning how to write a five paragraph essay. This includes learning how to write a thesis statement, an intro paragraph, how to properly include and cite a quote in a body paragraph.

Social Studies

Mrs. Morales

[email protected]

We ended quarter one wrapping up with the Civil War.  The second quarter will begin with an essay about Abraham Lincoln.  Study will include post-war Reconstruction, The Industrial Revolution and causes leading to WWI.  During the 20 years following the Civil War, our country was completely and totally transformed, almost unrecognizable.   Sadly the assassination of President Lincoln and Johnson’s takeover, along with a volatile South and weak North, the progressing goals of human rights and political fairness would be delayed for more than another hundred years.



Academic Support

Mrs. McCusker


My role is to provide academic support to students who have been assigned to me.  You may hear my name as often I will co-teach in a classroom and I try to get to know many students on the team.  



Mrs. Murphy

[email protected]


I am the Special Education teacher that travels with the Yellow class for their Core subjects (Science, Social Studies, English, and Math). I provide support to the students assigned to me and also am able to help support the other students in the room. I am one of the Homeroom teachers in Room 113. I look forward to working with your students this year.