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Park View Middle School

Crazy Eights Team


Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                               October 12th, 2021


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our eighth/seventh grade team at Park View Middle School. We hope that this school year promises to be a valuable and enriching experience for your child.


These are very critical years in the students’ life as it will be a transition and preparation for high school. We expect that students will be responsible for their own education. We expect that they will come to school prepared with all that is necessary to succeed this year—class materials, homework, projects, etc... We will be utilizing Google Classroom as a way for students and teachers to communicate. We advise that students keep a constant eye on their e-mail and ASPEN accounts.


We look forward not only to working with you this school year, but also to the many rewarding experiences of learning and teaching. We believe that when parents and teachers work together, students will achieve success thus preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.


If you should have any questions or concerns during the school year that require an appointment to meet with our team of teachers, please contact our guidance counselor, Ms. Patricia Bouchard (7th grade) or Ms. Paula Harrington(8th grade) 270-8092.




Mr. Lloyd Bochner [email protected]

Social Studies


Mr. Douglas Breene [email protected]



Mrs. Lynne Finelli [email protected]



Mrs. Michelle DeFeo [email protected]