The Elements

Team Contact Information

Mrs. Andreozzi (special education) [email protected]

Mr. Colantonio (math)  [email protected]

Mrs. Harrington (8th grade school counselor)  [email protected]

Ms. Mulvaney (ELA)  [email protected]

Mr. Rasmussen (science)  [email protected]

Mr. Voccio (social studies)  [email protected]




Second Quarter Report Cards will be published in Aspen on February 4, 2022. 


We have started the second semester, and even though the weather and calendar still say we are in winter, we have already started the transition process for the 8th Graders and are beginning to anticipate what it means to be going to high school.  What a big step this is for all our students!


If a student is absent from class, please remind them to check the Google Classroom to see if there are assignments that can be worked on from home (if that is a possibility).  When students return to school from an absence, please remind them to catch up on the work that was missed.


Students are able to utilize the Pathway period to complete and hand in missing assignments when returning to school from an absence.


The two distant learning days due to the inclement weather were both very well attended!  Both A Day & B Day were affected by the weather yet all the classes were able to maintain continuity and momentum because of the excellent attendance and participation on those days.  Great job Elements!!


Please keep up the good work that we have been seeing all year long.  Please stay on top of your work when absent from school, and please continue to do your best!

Welcome to the Elements Team of 8th Graders!


We are so excited to be working with your children in person at Park View this year.  Although the daily structure is taking on a different format than what we are typically familiar with, the A/B Day rotation & block schedule will become routine shortly.  What has been observed so far, however, is a great deal of enthusiasm, positive attitudes, and a lot of smiling faces!  What a way to begin the year!


Please take a look at the resources under the TUTORIALS tab in the side bar, and return to this page to see updates in the Elements Presentations & STUDENT WORK sections in the upcoming months.


One way to stay updated on your child's assignments is to accept the invitation to the Google Classroom.  Most parents have accepted that invitation; some have not.  Sometimes the invitation from Google Classroom goes directly to a spam folder.  If you know that you haven't accepted an invitation because you did not receive one, you can reach out to that teacher and receive a new invite.


Our team's position on the district's Bring Your Own Device policy is that cell phones are not acceptable for the use of technology.  Phones are expected to be put away upon arrival at school.  As students are not currently using lockers, phones should be on silent/ do not disturb mode if not powered off.


Finally, we are all looking forward to this year, and we hope this year (8th Grade) will be the best year your child has at Park View!!  Please contact any of us with specific classroom questions or if you have general team questions or concerns please contact Mr. Voccio ([email protected]).


Thank you and again, welcome to Team Elements!


PS -   Thank you very much to the Parents & Teachers at Park View for the Presto Strange O Coffee Truck on Wednesday!  That was a much appreciated boost!!


Go Team

We hope to see you Monday night, October 25 at 6:00 pm for the Elements Open House.  The contact information for the meet is posted below:


Elements Open House (Google Meet 6 -7 pm)

Monday, October 25 · 6:00 – 7:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:


If you have any questions/comments, please contact Mr. Voccio ( [email protected] ). We are looking forward to meeting you at this event!


Mid-Quarter Progress Reports were published in Aspen on October 15, 2021.  Hopefully, you are able to see those comments.  


Parents & Guardians have also been sent email invitations to join Google Classrooms; those invitations were sent out through emails that are on file in Aspen.  If you are unable to access the Google Classrooms (and you would like to have access), please email the teacher to have that invitation re-sent to you.


Quarter One will end on November 5.  That means there are only a handful of classes left before the end of the quarter.  The pacing of the new middle school schedule has been seen, and we know what the 84 minute class looks like!  Great job to all our students for a great start to this school year!  


Finally, remember to check in with your teachers to make sure you know what to do if you see missing work in Aspen.  We are here to help you do the best you can for your classes!


We are now in the Second Quarter and the routines and expectations have been addressed and put into practice.  The transition back to a complete in-person model and a new school-wide schedule has been a success so far.  We are all pleased with the effort, attention, and productivity of the Elements Team!

First Quarter Report Cards will be published in Aspen on Friday November 19.  Those grades reflect the work that ended on November 5.  We are now in the Second Quarter and an updated Aspen will reflect the work of the Second Quarter.  If there is anyone who would like to meet with the team to discuss concerns or issues regarding grades and expectations, please contact either Mr. Voccio or Mrs. Harrington to schedule a meeting.

Please remember that the Google Classroom is not an official grade; all official grades are entered into Aspen.

We have assigned lockers to the students.  As it stands right now, students are only allowed to put coats into these lockers.  Students have two locker times: when they enter the building and when they are leaving their last core class.

Finally, we have three competitions completed so far for this year’s HOMEROOM LOLLAPALOOZA (September Kickball Tournament, October Food Drive, November Veterans Day Kahoot) and here are the standings for the Elements Team:

After a clean sweep in the Veterans Day Kahoot, First Place was obtained by 222 with a total of 27.7 points; nice job and an impressive showing for 222 on November 10.  2nd Place belongs to 215 with 18.6 points; 3rd Place is 216 with 14 points, and 217 is in 4th Place with 12.4 points.  

Let’s Go 217!!

Also check out the display case in the Student Work side tab.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Elements families!

2nd Quarter Progress Reports will be published in Aspen on Wednesday December 22.  The 2nd Quarter will close on January 25, 2022.  That may seem like next year, but it is only a few weeks away!


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (December 20, 21 & 22) will consist of Reindeer Games.  During these three days, the Homerooms will be competing against one another for the Lollapalooza Crown in a series of competitive events.


During the course of Reindeer Games, there will be opportunities to catch up on late assignments, revise & resubmit work, or enjoy the atmosphere of a typical holiday office party. 


Student Council’s Spirit Week will also coincide with Reindeer Games.  Monday is Red or Green apparel; Tuesday is festive Hat Day; and of course, Wednesday is Ugly Sweater Day!  Bring your jingle jangle!!


Have a great winter break, and we will be back, better than ever, in 2022!