The Elements

Team Contact Information

Mr. Colantonio (math)

Mrs. McCusker (8th grade resource)

Ms. Mulvaney (ELA)

Mr. Rasmussen (science)

Mr. Voccio (social studies)

Mrs. Harrington (7th grade school counselor)

Mrs. Parris (8th grade school counselor)


April is a very busy month. 


Inside Park View, students will have completed RICAS ELA and Math testing (Sessions 1 & 2).  The Third Quarter will have ended on April 16.  There will be a spring break, and the Fourth Quarter will begin on the Monday after vacation (April 26).   8th grade students will have selected their courses for high school and 7th grade students will have been recommended for their 8th grade classes.


By the way, Science

testing will take place during

the first week of May.


Please be mindful of the 3rd Quarter Report Card which will be published in Aspen on Friday May 7. Please be aware that classroom attendance and the Daily Attendance do not always align.  Students may sign into the Daily Attendance and not attend some classes.  Likewise, some students forget to sign into the Daily Attendance and attend some classes (even though they are officially absent).  Please understand that Google Classroom is not where the student's grades are kept; Aspen is where to look for the official grades.  If there is something missing (or incorrect) in Aspen, please contact the teacher in order to get that concern resolved.


Finally, this has been an extremely positive quarter.  More students are aware of the routines and expectations.  Classroom attendance has improved.  More students have taken the opportunities to revise and resubmit work to improve their scores.  Overall, participation and engagement has been trending in the right direction!


Keep up the good work; stay motivated throughout the 4th Quarter! 


Remember, do not stop running until AFTER you cross the finish line!!