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6th Grade Teachers         7th Grade Teachers 8th GradeTeachers

Ms. Modica         Mrs. Bennett
Mr. Schiavulli Mr. Breene

Mrs. Spaziano    Mr. Colantonio
Mr. Shippee
Mr. Venagro

6th Grade Math Units (Eureka Math)

Module 1- Ratios and Rates

Module 4 -Expressions and Equations

Module 2 - Arithmetic Operations

Module 3 - Rational Numbers

Module 5 - Area, Surface Area, and Volume

Module 6 - Statistics

7th Grade Math Units (Eureka Math)

Module 1 - Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Module 2 - Rational Numbers

Module 3 - Expressions and Equations

Module 6 - Geometry

Module 4 - Percent and Proportional Relationships

Module 5 - Statistics and Probability

8th Grade Math Units (Eureka Math)

Module 1 - Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation

Module 4 - Linear Equations

Module 2 - The Concept of Congruence

Module 3 - Similarity 

Module 5 - Examples of Functions from Geometry

Module 6 - Linear Functions 

Module 7 - Introduction to Irrational Numbers using Geometry

Algebra I 

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

Math Models


Systems of Linear Equations



Roots and Radicals

Rational Expressions and Equations