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Mr. Voccio's 8th Grade Civics

Quarter One  "CITY ON A HILL"
Lesson 1:  "Getting to Know the Rubrics"
Lesson 2:  "Where Should I Live?"
Lesson 3:  "The Art of Persuasion"
Lesson 4:  "Political Society"
Lesson 5:  "Appearances Matter"
Lesson 6:  "Structure of an Argument"
Lesson 7:  "The Ideal Relationship"
The 1st Quarter ends on Friday November 5, 2021 (That is an A Day).  Quarter Two "We the People" begins on Monday November 8 (That will be a B Day).
Report Cards will be published in Aspen on Friday November 19.  Please check Aspen to see the current grade.  Aspen is updated regularly and there should not be assignments marked as "ungraded".
The comments in Aspen (& in the Google Classroom) will address how to resolve zeros or how to improve the score.