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The Rangers

The Rangers 6th grade team at Park View Middle School is committed to student social and academic learning.  We are dedicated to making this the best year possible for these young minds.  Please reach out to the team teachers with any questions or concerns. 

Ranger's Team Teachers



Guidance Counselor  - Mrs. Bouchard 


English Language Arts - Mr. Anthony Chieffalo, Mrs. Heather Grant

achieffalo@cpsed.net    hgrant@cpsed.net

Mathematics- Ms. Emily Modica, Mr. Christoper Burke

emodica@cpsed.net     cburke@cpsed.net

Social Studies - Mrs. Crissy Borton, Mrs. Lynne Zarcaro

cborton@cpsed.net     lzarcaro@cpsed.net

Science - Mr. Stephen Scappaticci, Mr. Michael Boyajian

sscappaticci@cpsed.net     mboyajianjr@cpsed.net